Beginning of Tribulation: Part 1

Very soon, a man will arrive and establish world order in such an unprecedented fashion, that most will pause to wonder.

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By: Watchman
11/18/2009 9:24:33 PM

  Very soon, a man will arrive and establish world order in such an unprecedented fashion, that most will pause to wonder. The Bible says that he will be given the authority to rule over all nations, and that he will be welcomed as the Savior of the World. That man is alive today, and he will come to be worshiped, and most of the world will gladly bow to his rule.
  He is the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, and obviously, one must consider how a simple man is able to rise to such lofty heights, and why in the world would mankind be foolish enough to accept him as their god? Therefore, the obvious question; WHO is this man?
  The identity of the anti-Christ is a centuries old riddle that has produced some of the most biblical irresponsible claims, and yet the puzzle remains unsolved. Rather than simply offering a name, the best way to recognize the beast is by understanding how, and why the nations will believe that he is god. He isn’t just going to suddenly appear out of thin air, and announce his deity, nor will he try to convince the world that he is god. Rather, the world will beg this man to take the throne.
  Further, one must also accept the precept that the anti-Christ is not going to come as some evil prince of darkness, who will mesmerize the hearts of men, nor will he confront the nations by force. The rise of the beast will be accomplished by the teaching of bible prophecy in such an artful way, that he will appear to be the Savior of the world. For many, he will be the king of the Jews. For others, he will become a false embodiment of God here on earth.
  Sounds like a really tall order, but the program is in place, the time is right and the stage has been set. All that remains is for the Almighty God to finally remove the restraints that have held back the throne of Satan. The prophet Isaiah warns in chapter 14 that the devil desires to be worshiped, and that day is sadly coming. And because God’s long suffering patience with mankind has reached it’s end, and the devil is turned loose, to fulfill God’s will.
  Hence, to view the vision before us, one must understand that the devil will use the Word of God, to justify his abomination. Sadly, over 95% of prophecy teaching throughout the world has been penned by the hand of the devil, without changing a single word of truth. He doesn't have to change script, just misrepresent it.

  We have therefore before us, a drama. A staged presentation of truth that holds two views. One, as revealed by God, and the other, as told by Satan. The problem then suggests that while the act in view tells the story, the events displayed must be correctly understood, or the scenes will direct one to the wrong conclusion.
  To begin, since the author and finisher of the play is scripted by Jesus Christ (Revelations 5), the devil cannot change a single line. But what he can do however, is to craft each scene to appear to be enacted as a fulfillment of prophecy. Therefore, when one greets the play as it unfolds, the view is focused upon a false image of what one sees.
  For example, many congregations are told that when Israel became a nation again in 1948, that a near 2,000 year old prophecy was fulfilled. However, the modern nation of Israel is not a true picture of God’s prophecy as written in the Books of the prophets. But for most, all that one sees, is a return of the Jews to the Holy Land and therefore a belief that prophecy is complete.
  Therefore, the devil can now present his story based upon a belief that the modern nation of Israel has been brought back by the hand of God. Based upon this lie, the audience is now prepared to accept the rest of play, in the light of the devil’s point of view. Hence, the prophecies of the latter days, as written in the bible, can now move forward as depicted by the players of satanic design. Watch how cleverly the devil then takes hold of the play, and presents a drama that could destroy your soul.
  The next scene recognizes that Israel does not have a temple for the Messiah. After all, if the Savior of the world is to come, he must, as scripted, come to the temple in Jerusalem. Our villain, the anti-Christ, must also be worshiped in the temple (2 Thessalonians 2).  Therefore, since the devil has already directed our attention to the modern nation of Israel as the focal point of prophecy revelation, he must then demonstrate to the world that the nation of Israel is the true chosen of God. In this way, if the world can be convinced that this tiny little nation is favored by the Almighty Creator, then the man whom the Jews accept as their Messiah, must be truly God.
  Therefore, in what way can the anti-Christ first appeal to the Jews as a possible Messiah, and at the same time, present the nation of Israel as prophetic fulfillment to the world? First, there is a problem with the geographic location of modern Israel, as it exits today. In Genesis 15: 18, God has promised that the seed of Abraham will dwell in a Holy land that covers all of the territory, between the Nile and the Euphrates rivers. Presently, modern Israel controls only a fraction of this promised land. In fact, the nation is now in negotiation to divide what little Holy Land they possess, to share with a new Palestinian State.
  Scene 3 answers this problem by a little known prophecy as described in the Book of Obadiah. The prophet sees a vision where God destroys the entire nation of Esau. As we view this horrible event, how can the anti-Christ use the destruction of an unknown people to his benefit? As scene 3 unfolds, we will view an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian people to divide the Holy Land as a place where the nations of both Israel and Palestine will reside. Immediately after this accord, fighting breaks out between the Jews and the Palestinians which spreads to the nations of Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.
  As a consequence of this regional conflict, we will see all of the Palestinian people destroyed and the nations of Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan surrender to a victorious Israel. As a result of this deadly battle, the armies of Israel will take and occupy all of the land that exists between the Nile and the Euphrates rivers.

  Suddenly the vision become clear. The world must now consider the Jew. Badly outnumbered and surrounded, surely the Hand of God must have gone forth in defense of beloved Israel, and brought back the land from the sword for His people. Prophecy fulfilled.
  But as the curtain rises on scene 4, we will see a very angry and determined Islamic reaction to the defeat of their Muslim brotherhood. Therefore, while the Jews in Israel rejoice and make preparations for their Messiah’s appearance, the global nation of Islam seeks out and entreats the armies of Gog, to destroy the nation of Israel, once and for all. (See the Sword is Coming)- here
  A sudden darkness covers the stage as the armies of Russia, Eastern Europe, Iran, Ethiopia, Libya and Turkey gather upon the mountains of Israel to take a prey and to spoil this so called nation of God, Israel. Unfortunately, the scene before us is horrible beyond imagination, as the battle rages beyond the Middle East and spills blood around the globe.

  We will also see a very unprepared United States of America attacked by the determined armies of Gog, whose arsenal can reach even a safe haven far away. The destruction is short but thorough, as nations world wide feel the effects of modern technology. As the curtain falls on scene 4, a new cry is heard in the shadows of a quiet stage: “ the end has come, and who can help us!”
  The arrival of scene 5 witnesses an unexpected army from western Europe rise to end this ugly war. Israel not only survives, the armies of Gog are utterly destroyed, and the mighty nation of God is now the preeminent and chosen nation of the world. Only by divine providence could this small nation defeat such a overwhelming adversary, and only by God’s power could a people celebrate the victory of what will be called Armageddon.
  Hence, the Holy Land of Israel is now considered to be inhabited by a remnant of God’s children, living from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers in total peace, as the dreaded war of Armageddon is now past. Therefore the Jews are free to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem, and await the appearance of the Messiah Ben David. All that remains is the healing of a torn earth, and the promise of a new millennial reign with a coming God of Israel.
  Scene 6 is as magical as any fairy tale ever written on earth. Mankind has seen enough of wars, no longer desires to rule, nor is he content with old worship. A global resolution is passed to end wars, and to stop the building of nations to divide people. New World Order is established where all are free and able to live in peace. Lands are restored and fruitful, disease conquered, and starvation becomes a distant memory. A new temple in Jerusalem hosts a world wide call for those seeking their God, and as the anticipation of the seeing the one who saved Israel grows, many will come to the Holy City to witness his arrival.
  What we have just witnessed are the scenes of Act 1 of a play, that the devil hopes you will see. He knows that he has but a short time, so he must divert your attention away from the whole picture to focus upon the leading characters in this play. But by doing so, our eyes do not see that hidden from our view, are the true works of God, which are also taking place on the stage. 
  Therefore, having seen the play from the eyes of the devil, let us review the play from the beginning, and see what we have missed, as written by Jesus Christ. After all, who better than the writer of the play to reveal His message?
  Since the main subject of this chapter is the rise of the anti-Christ, we will discover in Matthew 24, a very exact chronological order of prophesy, that will reveal how the anti-Christ is able to convince the Jews in Israel that he is their Messiah. In verse 15, Jesus Christ said in reference to the anti-Christ: “ that who so readeth, let him understand!”
  In most plays seen on stage, the audience is either presumed to have prior knowledge of the subject, or is given a reading to set the scene. The Holy Bible is the reading of this play, and the author requires that we have knowledge of the subject matter. This is why Jesus Christ begins to answer His disciples questions in Matthew 24 by stating: “ to take heed that no man deceive you!”
  Our Savior Jesus Christ knows the condition of our hearts, and recognizes that most do not read the scriptures like they should. It is just too easy to buy a book, review a movie or allow a teacher to tells us what the bible says. As a result, we are warned to not trust any one with our souls, and this requires that we read the Holy Writ ourselves, and not count on the wisdom of men.

  As part of this admonishment, it is imperative that we turn to the original text (King James Version) if we are to understand. Because man has allowed the devil to very subtly, yet skillfully alter script to change the written word of prophecy in our modern versions of the Holy Bible. Had the Jews in Israel stayed true to God’s Word, they would have recognized their Savior Jesus Christ when He came the first time.
  In scenes 1 & 2, we are told that the modern nation of Israel is a fulfillment of prophecy. But as demonstrated in the article "Who is true Israel" on this website, we shall learn that true Israel is not just for the Jews. Therefore, we cannot assume that what we see in both scenes depicts true prophecy, because if we do, then the enactment in scene 3 could change in meaning.

  Our LORD goes on to state in verses 6 and 7 of Matthew 24 that there will be wars and rumors of war. What exactly is a rumor of war? Is this a threat of war as many have claimed, or is this a false explanation of an actual war that has already taken place?
  Could the regional war between Israel and it’s enemies viewed in scene 3 be an example of a rumor of war? After all, from the devil’s point of view, this war justifies modern Israel’s right to the Holy Land by this nation’s victory and conquest over the Palestinians and their allies. But could there be another purpose for this war, from God’s point of view? And if so, is the anti-Christ exploiting the situation for his advantage?
  To find out, note that Jesus Christ also mentioned the prophet Daniel in verse 15. When Daniel received the first of God’s revelations to him, we find in chapter 2, that the vision shall be in the LATTER DAYS (verse 28). Further, when the angel of the Lord appeared unto Daniel in chapter 10, he told Daniel (verse 14), that the vision of the anti-Christ, was also for these LATTER DAYS.

  Hence, this term of latter days could have a specific meaning, and may be labeled in this manner to help us distinguish one prophecy from another, and thereby avoid confusion of script. Most dictionaries refer to latter days, as a later or subsequent time in the future. But we cannot confuse this term with a last day prophecy, or last days, which would indicate a final conclusion. 

  Obviously, scene 3 is not the conclusion of the play, and therefore, since the rise of the anti-Christ is said to take place in the latter days, is there a connection with scene 3, and the rise of the anti-Christ? Chillingly yes. Because the latter day term in bible prophecy offers a irrefutable blue print of how the anti-Christ will be sitting in the temple of God (2 Thessalonians 2: 4).
  Once we take a look and consider all of the Biblical references to the term latter days, we will find that they are linked together by a common theme. And as we shall discover, each of those latter day prophecies deal with God’s punishment upon what is called the House of Esau.
  In chapter 24 of the book of Numbers, verse 14 describes a vision that is taking place in the latter days. According to this passage of scripture, the prophecy is about God’s vengeance upon the nations of Amalek, which include the nations of Edom, Moab and Seir.
  Jeremiah 48 says that the nation of Moab is again marked for punishment in the latter days (verse 47) and in Jeremiah 49, Edom, Damascus, Ammon and Elam are also set for destruction in the latter days. Note also, that in Jeremiah chapter 30, the prophet describes the restoration of Israel, which includes all 12 tribes, as stated in verse 3. Modern Israel does not yet have 12 tribes in residence, and won't until Jesus Christ returns.
  Then, in verses 23 & 24 of Jeremiah, God says: “Behold, the whirlwind of the LORD goeth forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind; it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of the LORD shall not return, until he have done it, and until he have performed the intents of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it!”
  First, God says His anger will go forth continuously, until all the wicked are punished. But why would the modern age ‘consider it’, unless the destruction is set for these days? Further, since the time frame is for the latter days, who and where are the nations of Moab, Ammon, Edom and Seir today?
  Reading from Genesis chapter 36, one will find a common phrase mentioned up to 5 times in the text, which states; that Esau is Edom. But why is God angry at Esau, and his descendants known as Edom?  The book of Obadiah answers that this nation of Edom dealt treacherously with God’s people, and even cut off their escape from the sword of Babylon. Therefore, God says in verses 15-21 that He will utterly destroy this nation, continuously.
  Since Esau is Edom, the punishment is marked for the latter days. To identify Edom, the prophet Obadiah names locations or lands that are to be punished also, such as the plain of the Philistines, the fields of Ephraim and of Samaria, Gilead, Zarephath and Sepharad. Genesis 36: 8-9 records that the Edomites lived in Mt. Seir, and that this mountain is also again, marked for punishment.
  Then, as recorded in the book of Ezekiel chapters 25 & 35, the nations of Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, and Idumea are cited again for judgment, which is confirmed by Isaiah in chapter 34. But, why is God giving the names and locations of these ancient nations, if this punishment is given for the latter days? Because God knew that when the time came to punish the House of esau, few would recognize who they are.
  As we have seen depicted in scene 3, none of these facts are even demonstrated in the play. Why? Because the devil is hiding the fact that the modern bloodline Jews living in Israel is not the true House of Jacob, and therefore, he does not want the identity of these nations known. But our Father’s Word is perfect, and reveals not only who those nations are, but identifies where their exact location is TODAY.  (See Identity of the House of Esau) - link here
  Throughout the entire Old Testament of the Holy Bible, God has warned of His judgment against those whom refuse to seek Him. While there are many cases where nations have been set up and destroyed throughout history, God has reserved His punishment against the House of Esau, and their lands for the latter days. But because God knows that their destruction will pave the way for the rise of the anti-Christ, He wants His children to see the vision as well.
  Therefore, a study of the aforementioned House of Esau may reveal information that will help one understand. In Psalm 83, David, the King of Israel records that the enemies of God: Edom, Ammon, Moab and the Philistines have taken crafty counsel to destroy the nation of Israel once, and forever. Even after 3,000 years, the House of Esau has not forgotten their hatred of Israel, and the very same desire of their hearts to rid the name of Israel from the earth is still prominent in their minds, and thanks to the invitation of the anti-Christ, the plot is now about to take place. 

  Zechariah 12: 6-9 reveals that the nation of Judah (the bloodline Jews) will devour the nations ‘round about’, meaning those nations that reside around Jerusalem. And God said that He would destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. Therefore, to identify the nations, or House of Esau, one will find that the very prophecies accurately mentioned above, describes the modern Middle East.
  Ammon and Moab are the fathers of modern day Jordan. No historical claim disputes the fact that the ancient Moabites and Ammonites settled in the land of modern Jordan, and their modern descendants are still there. Further, Mount Seir is south of the Dead Sea, near mount Hor, which is also in Jordan. Gilead is east of the Jordan River, which is again in Jordan.
  The co-conspirators of Jordan also include the land of Idumea, which is an ancient settlement that was recorded by Roman historians, as a dwelling south of Jerusalem, and east of the Dead Sea. Samaria, historically extends from the West Bank of the Jordan River, and runs north of Jerusalem, from the Jordan Valley to the Mediterranean Sea. The ancient Samaritans also dwelt as far north as southern Lebanon and Syria.

  The Philistines lived in the south west of Palestine in the modern Gaza. (Amos 1: 7-8 also records God’s punishment on the wall of Gaza and the remnant of the Philistines).
  When we locate each part of the House of Esau on a modern map of the Middle East, we will discover that the modern city of Jerusalem is completely surrounded by the seed of Esau. But even more astounding, is the fact that within the nation of Jordan, a number of displaced Palestinian people reside.

  Further, the land of Idumea is under the control of the Palestinian people. In the Gaza (Field of the Philistines), a number of Palestinians not only live there, but the ‘Fatah” terrorist group is also in residence. In Samaria (Field of Ephraim), are even more Palestinians people, where the terrorist group “Hamas” also reside.
  What is the single most significant issue in the Middle East today? The dispute over the right of the Jews, or of the Palestinians, to sovereignty over the land each claims as their own. The Holy Land of God. This has been an on going problem in the Middle East ever since the Jews started returning to the land of Palestine in 1948. In fact the Middle East has experienced two major conflicts, in 1967 and again in 1973, that nearly escalated into an all out World War.
  Therefore, in an effort to bring peace to the Middle East, international focus has been placed upon resolving this problem, and accords such as the Madrid, Oslo, and their branches like the Road Map to Peace effort by the United States have been prominent in global relations. There are many reasons why the global community views this as a critical problem for international stability, such as oil reserves, etc: but, any resolution adopted, will not bring peace, but war, just as the anti-Christ plans.
  Remember, the conspiracy of Esau is to remove the name of Israel forever. Therefore, the anti-Christ has very cleverly designed a plan that will make the House of Esau ‘believe’ the time for their move against Israel is now. And how is this possible? He is actively convincing the nations of the world that only true way to resolve the Middle East problem between the Jews and the Palestinians is to adopt a resolution to create a “2 State” Holy Land. A land that allows the Palestinian people an opportunity to have an internationally recognized sovereign nation, that will in turn recognize that it’s neighbor Israel has the right to live in peace in this land as well.
  Therefore, the land is to be divided between the new nation of Palestine and that of Israel. Since God is Who He says He is, the Holy Land will be divided so that the ‘EXACT’ ancient lands in Palestine that once belonged to the House of Esau: Idumea, Samaria, and Philistia will become the new Palestinian state. What will remain of the Holy Land will belong to the nation of Israel. Offer a better example of an Almighty God, than that 2,500 to 3,000 year old prophecies will be fulfilled with such perfect accuracy.
  But the prophecies do not end there. God has promised to utterly destroy this House of Esau, so that none are left, and the final piece of the puzzle comes into play, when the prophet Joel said in chapter 3: “For behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and PARTED MY LAND!”
  Even though True Israel is still scattered among the nations, this peace accord will most certainly divide God’s Holy Land as a partial fulfillemnt of Joel's vision. Further, Ezekiel 35: 10-11 states: “Because thou hast said, These two nations and these two countries shall be mine, and we will possess it; whereas the LORD was there: Therefore, as I live, saith the LORD God, I will even do according to thine anger, and according to thine envy which thou hast used out of thy hatred against them; and I will make myself known among them, when I have judged thee!”
  The House of Esau will be judged because they conspired to part God’s land and then possess it. Therefore, the nations of Esau will agree to the peace solution as a pretext to set up their intent to destroy Israel. They will not only surround Israel, but can attack from within.

  And who is behind this scheme? The anti-Christ, as written in Daniel chapter 11: 39: “Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall DIVIDE THE LAND FOR GAIN!”
  Now, something else to consider: why in the world would the Jews in the tiny nation of Israel agree to such appeasement with the Palestinians? Whether they know of the House of Esau’s plan or not, what is clear to most Jews living in Israel is that they are surrounded by their enemies. Why then would they give up land and allow themselves to be divided, weakened by sharing a land they believe belongs to them?
  Because the anti-Christ has courted the Jews to gain their favor. He has set up the House of Esau to be destroyed by God, knowing that God would not allow His land to be divided. Therefore, he has convinced the Jews that if they go along with his scheme, not only will the anti-Christ and his considerable power protect Israel, but that after the armies of Israel destroy the nations of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and the Palestinians, the nation of Israel will once again have their Promised land, from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers.
  Looking back at scene 3 once again, what appeared to be a regional conflict over land between the Palestinians and the Jews, is in reality God’s promised punishment against the House of Esau. This coming war is not about God protecting His nation Israel to prepare the way of the Messiah of the Jews, but simply a fulfillment of some very old prophecies.
  But, since the serpent has established in the minds of the world that the bloodline Jews in modern Israel is remnant of God’s chosen, he may now use this war as a ruse to set up the rise of his prince, the anti-Christ. This would be a classic example of a “rumor of war” that Jesus Christ mentions in Matthew 24.
  Further, while the anti-Christ will gain a tremendous amount of appreciation from many Jews for his involvement in this war, they are not yet ready to receive him as their Christ. In fact, it is the armies of God that defeat the House of Esau, even though some will try to promote the anti-Christ’s influence.
  Unfortunately, as we move to scene 4, the global community will take notice of this very quick and decisive victory by the tiny nation of Israel, that is outnumbered 500 to1. As a result, because the House of Esau is predominantly Muslim, the nations of Iran, Ethiopia, Turkey, Libya and most notably the Russians, will be furious over the annihilation of so many Muslim children. Therefore, another “Latter Day” prophecy will come to the fore, by the words of Ezekiel, in chapters 38 & 39.
  Most readers of Bible text believe that this war with Gog, as described in those two chapters, will usher in the last days of man. However, as written in Ezekiel 38: 8 and in verse16, the script specifically refers to this invasion by Gog, as taking place in the ‘latter days’. Therefore, since the rise of the anti-Christ also takes place in the latter days, one must recognize that this is only the beginning of sorrows, as stated by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24: 8. Further, Jesus Christ also indicates in Matthew 24, that the anti-Christ will not be seen in the holy place until after these wars, and rumors of war.
  Therefore, as written by the prophets, the LORD will destroy all those come against Jerusalem, but this does not mean that the destruction of Israel’s enemies will occur in a single day, or by one event. Obadiah says that God’s punishment will be a continuous, and Jeremiah states that the whirlwind in chapter 30 is also continuous. The war with Gog against Israel is the NEXT phase of God’s promise to punish the nations. But, given the extreme circumstances of a possible full scale world battle, it is understandable that those whom do not study their bible would think that the end is near.
  This next war in scene 4 is not the Battle of Armageddon, when Jesus Christ returns and destroys the anti-Christ and his false prophet as described in Revelations 19. But as another ‘rumor of war’, many will be taught that this war is the final conflict prior to the Messiah’s reign. But as stated in the prophecy by Ezekiel, this war is fought in the latter days. Not in the last days.
  But before we can fully appreciate the meaning in scene 4, here as they say, is where the rubber meets the road. America, is not exempt from this terrible war. Many theologians have incorrectly stated that the nation of America is nowhere found in the Bible. Another satanic lie. But, depending upon which Bible translation one reads, America is most explicitly identified in Ezekiel chapter 38.
  The King James Bible version, particularly those printed prior to the 1990's is based upon the original texts. But the modern translations of the King James Bible is an interpretation of text, rather than an English upgrade. Therefore, important verse has been modified to change the scripts meaning. For example, in Ezekiel 38: 8 the prophet says that Israel will be attacked in the latter days, in the land that is brought back from the sword and is gathered out of many people, to the mountains of Israel. This is an obvious reference to the modern nation of Israel, especially if the prophet is referring to the land brought back from the sword, as a result of Obadiah’s prophecy.
  But, in most modern translations, verse 10 of Ezekiel 38 repeats the nation of Israel once again, rather than another nation. Beside the poor English grammar this would represent, the King James Bible says that “ it shall “also” and “at the same time”, shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought. In other words, at the same time that Gog is attacking Israel in verse 8, he will also, and at the same time, attack another nation.
  A nation as described in verse 11 as a land with unwalled villages. A people whom are at rest, and that dwell safely.  If one has been to the land of Israel recently, it would be a strain to suggest that modern Israel is a land of unwalled villages, particularly if one considers the Barrier Wall built to divide Israeli settlements. Further, to suggest that Israel is at rest and dwells safely is ludicrous with all the rocket and terrorist attacks that her  Muslim neighbors continue to pound upon the cities of Israel.
  Therefore, the only nation on the face of this earth that has enjoyed such a description as verse 11 states, can only be the United States of America. And Russia is not going into this battle in a knee-jerk fashion. The Russian Empire knows full well that the American ties with Israel is both strong and permanent.

  Hence, if Russia is to be successful against Israel, then they will have to neutralize or destroy America, BEFORE America can launch a counter attack to the Russian invasion of Israel. To suggest that America would sit idly by and allow Israel to be destroyed is unthinkable to the minds of the American government, particularly when American interests in the Middle East would be in jeopardy.
  Hence, brothers and sisters living in America, the SWORD IS COMING. And this mighty sword has two very sharp edges. One, as an instrument for God to again reach out to the Jews, who will take heavy casualties, so that this punishment will convict their hearts and seek repentance. And two, to awaken a very sleeping American church. But this is not to say that Israel and America will lose this war, but rather that from God’s point of view, the war is a tool used to provide the punishment of a Father for a disobedient child.
  Now scene 5 will produce a whole new picture when you consider that as a result of both wars, the nation of Israel will become the most dominant nation on earth. The Jews will then be in a position to dictate world policy, and own the right to demand global concession to any peace agreement Israel desires.
  Therefore, as a result of the last war, international hearts will be begging for the insanity of mankind’s works to stop and will petition Israel, as the perceived elect of God, to establish world order. As a response, Israel will court a return to Judaic worship and build their Holy Temple in Jerusalem, where religious ceremony and sacrificial worship is renewed once again.

  For the anti-Christ, things will now pick up speed, as the design to put him upon the throne of Israel will become much more acceptable. After all, now that the Jews hold all of the land promised to Jacob, and have defeated a mighty army, and have rebuilt their temple, all that remains is the appearance of their Messiah.
  As we review the 6th and final scene of Act 1, we will begin to see a very frightened world come to grips with a ruined earth, and a new consciousness of life. The need for a god will no longer be a debate of whether or not one exists, but rather of a determination to find him.

  Since the rise of the anti-Christ has gone unnoticed by the world, only a few recognize that it is he that sustained the modern nation of Israel as a fulfillment of prophecy, and had set up the regional war in Israel to spark the flame of a global conflict, that many will see as the end of man’s rule.
  Out of the ashes of scene 4, this humble servant of mankind will begin to come forth in scene 5 to display his considerable power to restore order, and to heal the earth. In scene 6, the religious leaders of the world will begin to sermonize the expectant arrival of the Messiah. For many Christians in the world, Act 1 appears to be the end of the age, and the hope of their tomorrow will rest upon the return of Jesus Christ.
  However, although some will try to say that one of the Russian or Muslim leaders was the anti-Christ, thinking that World war III was the Battle of Armageddon. But Jesus Christ says in Matthew 24: 6-7,  that the end is not yet, because the wars mentioned occur prior to the arrival of the REAL anti-Christ in verse 15. Further, since these are only the beginnings of sorrow (verse 8), we have not even seen Act 2, which begins with the 70th week of Daniel, commonly referred to as the tribulation period.
  Since I am an American Christian, I will end Act 1 with these few words of fervent prayer for the Christians leaders of America. Repent. The time is very short, and God has no desire to let you slip into the abyss. The American church interprets God’s Word, it does not receive it. The American church plays lip service to the commandments of Jesus Christ, but does not respond to His teachings (Matthew 25: 31-46)
  James 1: 27 is a holy and just call, but our churches cast out those whom are in need, and act as if they do not exist in their neighborhoods. In exchange, bigger and better buildings are laid, and better instruments of praise are bought and bookstores sell the message of Jesus Christ, while few feed the hungry, visit the sick, the imprisoned, and provide for the weak.

  Had you stayed obedient to the Word of God, rather than religious idolatry, I would NOT have to warn you of these things. Quit looking at the words of God through the eyes of men, and adjust your view through the eyes of God. Restore your love back to the days when you first gave your life for the service of Jesus Christ.
  While I know that some of you are victims of a Jesuit scholarship, there are some among you whom labor for the devil. As it is written in 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15, when the dust settles, they will be first in line to herald the coming of their false Messiah. Do not find yourself numbered among them.
  As it is written in Isaiah 56: 10-12, God says: “His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter. Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and to morrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant!”
  Stop the slumber, arise and awaken to the call. We need you in the days ahead, for many will be looking to your face for truth. Tribulation is not for the world, but for the Christians. The wrath of God will not come until the very end of tribulation. Therefore, reopen your hearts and search out the scriptures so that you may teach others how to witness against the beast. He is here, and on the march and you must prepare now. Yes, your faith may get you through the days, but unless you remove your heart from the world, right now; your witness shall be dead, and your soul in peril.

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