Antipas, My faithful martyr

Being a martyr is a calling, even a gift. Those who have known the joy of suffering for His name's sake will be those that also reign with Him in the age to come.

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By: J. Surmi
8/3/2014 12:00:00 AM

A martyr of Christ gives their life in exchange for something of greater value than their own life. Their life is not taken from them; they give it willingly. A martyr of Christ is someone who has found true life - a greater life, even eternal life. Those who find life are not led by the many natural affections that would seek to dictate their steps. Those who find life have developed a real relationship with a real Jesus. A heart that is sincerely pursuing after the Lord, that wants to know Him, this is the heart that has no fear of death.

This message is a practical challenge to develop a devotional life with the Lord that will produce believers that know the Lord, not just know about the Lord. Do you know whom you have believed in? If you do, you can face death with great joy - even being roasted alive in a bronze bull upon the altar of Zeus as was the fate of Antipas.

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