Bloodlines of Jesus Christ

How can a man be born of a virgin and yet be heir to the throne of King David?

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By: Watchman
12/29/2009 10:41:18 PM

"The Bloodlines of Jesus Christ"

    When scores of witnesses reported to the Pharisees in Jerusalem that they had seen the risen Jesus Christ ascend to heaven, the priesthood knew that their hold upon the faith had been ripped from their fingers. And as this news spread throughout the nations, pagan custom also took notice and realized something had to be done. 

  Before that time, when the prophets of God had been sent to His people to correct their ways they were usually met with stubborn resistance, ridicule and in many cases, death. But this time the priests understood that they could not get away with ignoring so many voices nor could they depend upon their position to shout down a few misguided souls. There were just too many reliable witnesses to the fact that the man that had been crucified had risen from the grave and now ascended to heaven.

  This problem not only put the priests into a dangerous position, but now they had to decide how to respond to this news without damaging their role as the leaders of religious worship. Since they also knew that whatever decision they made to justify their refusal of Jesus Christ as the Messiah, they would also have to explain why they still refused to accept the risen God as their King.

  When Jesus Christ had taught before the people, His ministry of God was accompanied with miracles and acts of kindness for those whom society had cast out. But the Pharisees were able to counter the works of Jesus Christ by accusing Him of being filled with the power of the devil, and many ignored His message.

  But after their enemy rose from the grave and ascended to heaven the priests arguments were no longer valid, and they knew that they had to act before their people turned against them. Therefore, they decided that the only way they could appease the crowd was to find scripture that would prove Jesus Christ was a fraud.

  Further, it was no accident that all those people who came to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday were waiting to greet their Lord. They had studied the scriptures and knew by the prophecy that 173,880 days after the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem by the Persian King Artaxerxes, that their King would come on that exact day. Since the priests could not feign ignorance of the prophecy, it was suggested that perhaps they could argue that they refused this King because he did not overthrow the Romans and establish his kingdom here on earth as prophesied in Old Testament text..

  But finally, after many years that idea too was discarded in favor of a more sinister plot to expose Jesus Christ as a fraud by using the very texts that the Christians called their Bible. If the plan proved successful, this would justify the behavior of the priests, and at the same time cast doubt upon the doctrines and beliefs of the Christian Word of God.

  The priests had noticed that the bloodline of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Book of Matthew was different than the ancestry presented in the Book of Luke. In the book of Matthew, the ancestry of Jesus Christ begins with Abraham and ends with Joseph, son of Jacob. But in Luke 3, the bloodline is recorded as starting with Joseph, supposed son of Heli, and goes all the way back to Adam. It is not possible that Joseph had two different fathers.

  Crying foul, the priests declared that the carpenter Joseph was indeed the son of Jacob, not Heli as the book of Luke claimed, and therefore they stated that the Christian testament was not a reliable source of information. Further, the conspiring priests accused the Christians of deceit by saying Jesus could not be the Christ because His lineage did not go through King Solomon.

  They assured one and all that God stated the throne would be established through the lineage of King David and so had to go through King Solomon who was King David's son. The priests brought out the Old Testament, and read from I Kings 9:4-5; "Now if you walk before Me as your father David walked, in integrity of heart and in uprightness, to do according to all that I have commanded you, and if you keep My statutes and My judgments, "then I will establish the throne of your kingdom over Israel forever, as I promised David your father, saying, 'You shall not fail to have a man on the throne of Israel.'

  Then by virtue of the above text, the priests argued that God promised to establish the throne of Solomon's kingdom over Israel forever! Which means that the Messiah would have to come from that lineage. To underscore their objection to Jesus Christ as King, the priests stated that the written word of God is proof, and cannot be refuted.

  Further, since the lineage of Joseph recorded in Matt 1:1-18 clearly states that Joseph's lineage was in fact from King Solomon, the priests dealt what they considered the final blow by reminding the crowd that Jesus had claimed that He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, and not of Joseph. Therefore, Jesus Christ was either a liar, or that He could not be the anointed one who would sit on the throne of David because He was not born of Joseph.

  It would appear that the priests had proven from the Old Testament and from Jesus' own words and lineage that He could not be the Messiah. For Christians this is very important because if Jesus is our Savior then He must fulfill the entire test of Old Testament scripture, including the promise made to Solomon.

  In addition, if Jesus Christ can be proven to have had a natural father (Joseph) then He is disqualified to be the Messiah because He would not have fulfilled the prophecies of Isaiah 7:14 or of Genesis 22:8 among others. But on the other hand, if Jesus Christ was truly born of the Holy Spirit, then He is also denied the title of Messiah because His ancestry  had to be through the lineage of King Solomon. This posed an apparent contradiction of text because if one is born of a virgin, then he cannot be an heir of Solomon. (Which explains why modern revisions of the Bible have changed the word virgin in Isaiah 7: 14 to young woman).

  The priests finally had what they'd been looking for, an out. By bringing this information out in the open, they could justify their actions to crucify the Lord and Savior as a fraudulent Messiah. And at the same time they could suggest that Christ's rise from the grave and ascension to heaven were either lies or the work of the devil. After all, the priests were able to disprove the claim of the Christians by their own Bible and by the promises God made to Solomon.  

  But neither the Old or New testaments of the Bible discredit Jesus Christ as it suddenly appears. The problem is not the Bible, but the lack of mans willingness to read it. Turning back to I Kings 9:4-7 notice that in verses 6 & 7 that it is stated that: "If King Solomon kept God's commandments, and statutes, and never serve other gods or worship them; his throne would continue forever!"

   But did King Solomon turn from God and worship other gods? Yes he unfortunately did. In I King 11:4-6 it states that: "For it was so, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned his heart after other gods; and his heart was not loyal to the LORD his God, as was the heart of his father David. For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites. Solomon did evil in the sight of the LORD, and did not fully follow the LORD, as did his father David."

  Since King Solomon did in fact serve other gods and worshipped them, what did God say to King Solomon concerning the promise? In I Kings 11: 11 God said: "Therefore the LORD said to Solomon, "Because you have done this, and have not kept My covenant and My statutes, which I have commanded you, I will surely tear the kingdom away from you and give it to your servant."

  Therefore, since God had promised that the Messiah would have to come from the lineage of King David, He could not bring it through Solomon's lineage anymore because he had worshipped other gods. Hence whom did God give it to? The term used in I Kings 11: 11 ends by saying that God would give it to Solomons servant. Just who is this servant that God gave the promise to?  .

  In Luke 3:23-38  we may find the answer through a lineage that many would not consider, Mary the mother of Jesus. The reason many would not think of Mary's lineage is because by law the lineage of Mary (or any woman) was not allowed for record during the time of Jesus Christ. Which explains why Luke used the term 'as was supposed the son of Joseph, the son of Heli'. This would indicate that because of the customs of the day, Mary's ancestry was lawfully recorded down to her in the name of her husband. And since Heli was the father of Mary, the ancestry of Joseph included Heli.

  Why is this important? Because Mary's lineage in fact traces to Nathan who was also a son of King David, but just as important he was also the younger brother of Solomon as proven in the records of 1Chr 14:3-7; 1Chr. 3:5. As a younger brother of Solomon, Nathan would by custom be considered a servant of his older brother the King. Therefore, the promise made to Solomon was taken away him and given to his younger brother Nathan.

  By Judiac law it is customary that only a son may inherit the promises of the father. But, it is also recorded in Numbers 27: 7-11 that a daughter may recveive the inheritance of the father if there are no sons. Mary had no brothers and would qualify to inherit the blessings of her father, Heli. Therefore, this is why the ancestry of Luke is given down through Heli, the descendant of Nathan.

  But why then did Matthew author the bloodline through Solomon down through Jacob, the father of Joseph?  Because the daughter could inherit all her father's possessions if she married a brethren of her father. In this case, since both ancestries go back to King David, Mary had married a brethren which would entitle her to full inheritance. Therefore, Jesus Christ is by scripture the promised Messiah because His Mother passed the inheritance of Nathan to Him.

  Hence, the Pharisees are correct, the Word of God is proof, and cannot be refuted. But why isn't this teaching common among the churches? Because unless this teaching is given the proper attention, most Christians would not know the scriptures well enough to argue against the claim of the priests. As a result, when the anti-Christ rises, it will be shown that he is a direct descendant of King Solomon and true heir to the throne of Israel.

  In this manner, not only is the anti-Christ given the attention he desires, but the legacy of Jesus Christ could then be questioned. The Bloodlines of Jesus Christ is an important example of how the enemies of God will first use scripture to destroy the truth and then submit lies to appear to be fact.

  In the days of tribulation, our testimony must be very strong in order to reach the lost. The cohorts of the False Prophet will be providing hundreds of Bible texts to prove their Messiah is the One. Our problem as true believers is to know the scriptures well enough to disprove their lies. After all, souls are at stake.

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