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We live in an age where man is selling his version of God's Word for a high profit. Because of this, it is our conviction to make God's true Word freely available to all that ask. As the Lord gives us the resources, we will ship one Bible to anyone that submits a request for one. Our goal is to help families or individuals that are financially unable to purchase a Bible of there own. We will also gladly ship to any area of the world where God's Word is banned from bookstores.

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Date: 5/19/2024 10:14:07 PM

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Why the King James Bible?
We have compiled literally hundreds of verses that demonstrate how the modern Bible translations have corrupted God's Word and have left millions of Christians confused about even the most elemental doctrines of the faith.

Here is our current list of Bible distributors that have consistently provided accurate translations of the Bible. Accurate translations of the Bible are often difficult to come by. If you know of any good resources, please, email us!

English - King James Version

Spanish - 1865 Cipriano De Valera

We are working to expand our selection of available languages. If you need a Bible in a language other than what we have listed, please send us your request via email and we may be able to find an accurate translation in your preferred language.